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"Yasinovatsky Machine Building Plant" Ltd.

Founded as early as in 1947 the Yasinovatsky Machine Building Plant has now become one of the leading manufacturer of wide purpose heading machinery successfully competing with most prominent world manufacturers.

During the years of its operation the Yasinovatsky Machine Building Plant has manufactured and sold to its customers
Shielded TBMs from 2.1 to 8.5 m dia – 78
Roadheaders of different types – 1673
Crushers – 2531
Shaft mockers of KS type – 677
BUKS drilling units – 60
Winches – 1244
and thousands units of other mining equipment.

The machines produced by our plant held many world records. In January 1972 the PK-8 roadheader drifted 6013 running meters and extracted more than 100,000 metric tons of sylvinite at the Belaruskaly cut mine. In 1980 the KT1-5.6B type shield TBM advanced 1250 m of tunnel per month (world record). In the same year the 4PP-2 type roadheader drifted 1003 m per month at the mine Voroshilovgradskaya No. 1. Another world record was set up in May 1969 at the drifting of the air pit at the 17-17-bis mine belonging to the Rutchenkovugol Corporation. The KS type shaft mucker has sunk a 401.3 deep shaft during 1 month.

Many in the mining industry remember our legendary PK-9 roadheader famous for its reliability, simple design and production efficiency.

Starting from 1998 the plant has completely renovated its range of roadheaders for coal and salt mines and tunnelling and developed new models. At present we manufacture roadheaders of extra light-duty KSP-1 (weight up to 14 tons), light-duty KSP-22 (28-30 tons), medium-duty KSP-32 (47-50 tons) and heavy-duty KSP-42 (up to 77 tons) classes in numerous versions to satisfy our customers requirements and different mining conditions which the modern world requirement to the heading machinery. In 2005 our design office developed a new medium-duty KSP-35 model roadheader (weight up to 57 ton) featuring lowered machine height, computerized control and troubleshooting system, sophisticated cutting head.

For the excavation of soft rock and sand and also for wide application in the civil construction and underground works in urban conditions we manufacture small and efficient machine MO-4 (weight 7500 kg).

For many years our roadheaders for excavation of salts and ores, equipment for shaft sinking and raise boring, crushing and backfill equipment are popular with the customers and find their market.